Living in the moment.
Appreciating the little things.

Designing the First-time Experience

Onboarding Redesign for College Pulse

Tracking & Traversing user Action

Data Feed & Activity Feed for Pulse

OutFit: Digital Wardrobe

Easier outfit discovery

Animation Projects

Collection of Animations and Projection Designs

Kodama and the Magic Seeds

Embark on a calm, beautiful journey to save the forest

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Living in the moment.
Appreciating the little things.

Yip Yip

Anonymous social media with smart tagging
Yip Yip

College Pulse

Ivies Launch & Visual Redesign


Choose cat. Earn catnip. Dress up. Classy!


Recording time and memory


Asynchronous Javascript Programming—As a GAME!

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About Jenny

A little bit of my background...

Born and raised in Seoul, South Korea. Lived in England for a little in my childhood. I graduated from Dartmouth College in 2016, majoring in Engineering Sciences and Studio Art. After undergrad, I enrolled in the Digital Arts masters program at Dartmouth trying to figure out a better way to integrate my interests.
Now, I live in sunny California to hang out with cool people and... be a little closer to home :')

Things I like

I don't quite know how to describe myself, so here are a few things I like. Hopefully we share a few things!

  • I love games. Board games, video games, mobile games... I could always use more game recommendations! Also, I usually play support/healer. Hmu if you need me ;)
  • I enjoy cooking and love eating, especially Korean food. And I love taking pictures of food. Don't worry, I'll be quick.
  • I love dogs and cats and babies. I made an instagram for my baby twin cousins. Check it out here!
  • I make slime. :3
  • Cold Brew. And tea with milk and sugar. How British of me.
  • Quality socks are required for a good day.
  • Singing has always been a good friend of mine. My voice is loud enough that I do not need a microphone at karaokes. Heh.
  • My mother gets mad at me for buying too many cute things that do nothing. But they make me happy so I will keep buying them.
  • Speaking of cute things, I went on a road trip and took Pusheenicorn across the country. Take a peek at our journey here!


This website includes many high-res images that may take a while to load. Please be patient. <3
Maybe there might be something that interests you in my unorganized stash of work?
In that case, check out my tumblr :D