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Traces: Generations

Created for SIGGRAPH 2018's FlyOver Canada Contest.

This experimental animation was created in collaboration with a few students for a film contest. We created the story based on the word "Generations." We played with the idea of two generations, graddaughter and grandmother, being connected over the phone over a long distance.

Also, I tried some voice acting in this video :)

The video is rendered in a fish-eye lens because it was originally supposed to be projected on a half-dome shaped screen. The contest was unfortunately canceled and we were never able to see it in its intended form, but I think the film gets across to the viewers even with the distortion.

Many thanks to Amy Zhang for putting together such an awesome team!

LiGaze Informational Animation

Created for DartNets Lab at Dartmouth College.

This video was made for a conference presentation of a research done by the DartNets Lab.
I collaborated with Anne Muller—she provided some of the artwork and the voiceover.

LiGaze Storyboard


Carissimi Projection Design

Created for the Dartmouth Glee Club's performance.

I was contacted by the Dartmouth Glee Club to create some animations for their performance. Ther musical director gave me a painting of venus as inspiration, mentioning how the songs being performed are about love and the many complicated feelings around it. I used elements of the painting in creating the first few minutes and the last few are a slow reveal of the painting that started it all.

Figaro Projection Design

Created for a performance of a duet from Marriage of Figaro.

I tried playing with the idea of painting with light—the revealing of the painting starts from the light sources.
The original painting is Rainy Wedding by Leonid Afremov.

3D Animation

Tragic story of the donut lover.

Fun fact: I am eating donuts as I edit this page.

This is a little animation I did for a 3D Animation class. There's a little twist, so watch till the end...