Jenny Hyun Ji Seong

Art. Design. Code.


College Pulse

Lead Designer, June 2017–Present

I am working for Collge Pulse, a startup creating a campus-based survey-taking platform.
Pulse users take surveys for points, which can later be exchanged for rewards.
The platform also features a data explorer that allows users to break down the data according to
conventional demographics such as race and gender and college-relevant ones such as affiliation, class year etc.

Ivies Launch Rebranding

Pulse started as a Dartmouth-exclusive application, but recently expanded to other college campuses.
I redesigned the landing page and created graphics for social media promotions.
I used illustrator to create some isometric drawings of these objects.
Colors were derived from the colors we were using in the app and logo.

Landing Page Social Media

Redesigning Data Explorer

The original data explorer was based on bar graphs, which are very popular and common.
This version conveyed the data, but there were a few pain points:
1) The user would need to scroll horizontally to view the rest of the data
2) In the case that there are many answer options, it is hard to compare data
I felt the need for a better portrayal of the data using less space.


Since we were moving into the mobile realm, we really needed a way to show data efficiently.
Thinking how users would view and use the data, I came to the conclusion that we needed a format
that makes it easy for the user to compare percentages between the different demographics.
After browsing through different data visualizations, I decided to use a stacked bar chart format,
making it easy to view the data on one screen and immediately see differences between demographics.


After using the designs for a few tests, I realized that the range of colors being used
is not very distinguishable for users less sensitive to color.
I decided to change the colors to give the different entries more contrast.
The legend was changed to look more clickable, because the app allows users to click to focus on a legend.


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