Jenny Hyun Ji Seong

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Yip Yip

Designer and Front-End Developer, June 2017

A React-Native application that allows users to anonymously create and share posts based on location.


This application was created for COSC 52 at Dartmouth College.

Inspired by Yik Yak, I collaborated with a few teammates to create a
location-based anonymous post-sharing platform.
We included a few additional features such as hastag parsing and search by tags,
and trending tags based on how often a tag appeared in the database for a certain period of time.


The original designs were based off a UI theme that we found on Behance.
We soon found out that gradients are difficult to implement in React Native,
so we had to shift gear and come up with some new designs.


I found another post on Behance that I enjoyed,
and remade all the pages with a lighter theme, which I thought suited the app's purpose better.


The developed version had a mascot that looked like Appa from Avatar the Last Airbender
(now you might see where the name came from), so I made some new designs for our mascot
for when we release the app on the App Store.
Since the name "Yip Yip" somewhat sounds like a dog yapping, I decided to base off a puppy.
Notice how I made the patterns on the face to resemble the up and down arrows for voting?